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Key Framing Questions

The Winston-Salem State University strategic planning process is about articulating a bold vision for the university for the coming years.

During the planning process the university community must work collaboratively with our stakeholders to examine our current operations, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and analyze trends in the ever-changing higher education landscape.

The Strategic Planning Committee is charged with answering five "purpose-driven" questions through an open and inclusive process:

  1. How should WSSU position itself for state and national leadership while concurrently distinguishing itself as a model, next-generation historically Black college and university?
  2. How can WSSU create a unique transformative student learning experience that increases the number of undergraduate and graduate students it produces who contribute to the world, particularly in communities of color where extreme disparities persist?
  3. How can WSSU elevate its teaching, scholarly excellence, and community engagement to make a more significant impact in the Piedmont Triad, the state of North Carolina, the United States, and the world, and what new academic degree programs and initiatives should WSSU pursue to address long-term issues of fundamental importance?
  4. How can WSSU leverage its collective resources including strategic partnerships and anticipate society’s evolving needs to establish cross-institutional priorities and initiatives?
  5. How do we address and answer intractable institutional challenges (i.e., deferred maintenance, repair and renovations, financial position, diversified revenue streams) and align our skills, incentives, and resources to create a plan to achieve our collective vision?