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Strategic Planning Process

Process for closing out 2016-2021 Strategic plan

The 2016-21 Strategic Plan Closeout Report serves as the launching point for the current strategic planning process. It brings closure to the accomplishments and lessons learned from the plan. The report provides an overview of outcomes for each goal and provides a rating for each objective. It brings suggested considerations for each goal offered for the next plan.

Takeaways from the 2016-2021 Strategic Plan

WSSU is a first choice institution with an emerging national reputation for equity and economic mobility. Essential skills outcomes resonate well with stakeholders and partners. We've noted success with liberal education and high impact practices as drivers. There are opportunities to further efforts to personalize educational experience. Continued focus on strategic signature partnerships will expand growth opportunities to unleash everyone's genius.

Approach to the 2021-2026 Strategic planning process

The approach is inclusive, broad-based, and evidence-informed. The Strategic Planning Committee is comprised of 176 people organized into 11 subcommittees and two specific internal and external analysis subcommittees.

Guiding Principles
  • Process should be inclusive and transparent

  • Seek targeted input and feedback from broad array of constituents

  • Regular updates to the WSSU community

  • Action plan with 5-7 goals and related metrics written in active verb tense

Strategic Planning Timeline
  • Discovery Phase (February-March 2021)

  • Building the Plan Phase (March-June 2021)

  • Refining the Plan Phase (June-August 2021)

  • Launch Phase (September 2021)

The expected outcomes for the 2021-2026 Strategic Plan include:
  • Conduct internal and external analysis to identify gaps, challenges and opportunities
  • Identify emerging issues that may need to be addressed
  • Articulate structural and operational realignment to increase efficiency
  • Identify investment priorities
  • Articulate budget priorities
  • Construct and institutional score card