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These programs are designed to strengthen your academic program through experiential learning and the practical application of acquired knowledge. Co-ops and internships are experiential learning programs which provide opportunities to gain work experience prior to graduation. Set up a meeting with your academic advisor/internship coordinator to see if you could earn college credit for your co-op/internship experience.

Benefits of an Internship

  • Personally: Boost your maturity and self-confidence; improve your communication and interaction skills; prepare for life after graduation; gain a greater clarity about your career.
  • Academically: Integrate classroom theory with real-life experiences; understand the relevance of your course work; increase your motivation to learn; use resources that are not available on campus.
  • Professionally: Explore a potential career field; develop career-related skills and abilities, including effective job search, resume writing and interviewing techniques; establish a work history; observe professional people and behavior; build a network of professional contacts; gain a competitive edge for employment or graduate school admission.
  • Financially: (most co-op & internship placements are paid): Subsidize tuition costs.