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Careful career planning is the first step in achieving your career goal. Having a clear sense of what you want to do, and how to get there, will help you achieve success.

Winston-Salem State University SuperStrong assessment helps you discover your interests and strengths, so you’ll be confident as you take the next step toward your future career. This tool will allow you to explore the degrees and certificates offered at Winston-Salem State University that match your interests, as well as show you sample careers, salaries, and more.

SuperStrong Assessment

The SuperStrong® assessment is derived from the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment, one of the most widely used career tools in the world. The SuperStrong helps students identify their interests and extends their understanding of how interests can support academic and career success with up-to-date data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and Occupational Information Network (O*NET). 

Using the same career theory and research behind the Strong Interest Inventory, the SuperStrong is readily accessible to all members of the WSSU campus community. The assessment takes 5-10 minutes and can be taken via computer, cell phone, tablet, or any other electronic device.

New User

Step 1: Create your account at the WSSU SuperStrong Registration Page

Step 2: You will need the access code to register; therefore, the access code is: WSSU-studentspcs

Step 3: Sign up with your WSSU email/username and password

Step 4: Complete your registration by typing in your birthday and clicking on the “Submit” tab

Step 5. After creating an account, the system will prompt you to begin the assessment

Returning Users 

Step 1: Go to the following link to log into WSSU SuperStrong.

Step 2: Enter your email address/ username and password

Step 3. After you Log In SuperStrong, you will be led to your Dashboard

Step 4. To access your career assessment test, type in the access code, in the box located under Discover/Share. The access code is: WSSU-studentspcs

Step 5: Since this report is so in-depth, it’s highly recommended that you schedule an appointment at WSSU Career Center to discuss your results.

Schedule an Appointment at the Career Center

  1. Type in or copy the provided link into your browser: 
  2. Sign in with your WSSU email / username and password 
  3. Click on the “Counseling” tab on the left side of your screen (this will lead you to the appointment page, where you can schedule an appointment) 
  4. Click on the “Request New Appointment,” tab which can be viewed in the middle of the page 
  5. Then, you will be prompted to schedule a date and time to meet with a counselor 
  6. Lastly, select a timeslot that works well with your schedule and a Career Counselor will contact