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Letter to Students

Dear WSSU Students:

Please utilize this handbook and all information contained within it as a resource guide. Familiarize yourself with all policies, services, rights and responsibilities, and any other information that you deem pertinent to your needs.

Our university is growing and continually evolving. In such an environment it is essential to maintain order, provide safety and meet the needs of each student. This handbook has been prepared to inform you about the many opportunities and services available to you while matriculating here. It is my sincere hope and expectation that you will take the time to read it, place it in a safe place and refer back to it whenever necessary.

May your time here be fruitful, enlightening, and enjoyable? We look forward to serving you. On behalf of Chancellor Elwood L. Robinson, I welcome you to Ram Country. Go Rams!

Any modifications or updates to this handbook shall be posted on the university website in the Online Student Handbook on the university website.


Mel C. Norwood, II

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs