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Group X Schedule

Welcome to GroupX at WSSU! Motivating instructors design classes that are fun, energizing and challenging. All classes are mixed levels. Sneakers and athletic wear are required. Water bottles with caps and towels are permitted.  

A GroupX Printable Schedule is available after the first few weeks of the semester once the schedule is finalized. Individual class flyers are posted on the office window in the weight room on the first floor of UREC.

  • Glute Class – Need some rear definition? This booty bonus helps firm and strengthen your lower half, focusing on asset development. Bump up the burn!
  • The Ab Class – There is more to working your abs than basic crunches. This class is a blistering 30 minute non-stop abdominal workout. Blast your Abs with our UREC Personal Trainers.
  • YOGA – Strengthen your body, improve your flexibility and balance while focusing your mind and relieving stress. Our exercised based yoga classes bring the benefits to both to your mind and your body.
  • Hip Hop Dance – Grab your friends and join us for a high-energy, calorie burning workout.  Influenced by the latest dance videos, our hip hop class gives you the freedom to express yourself. Come Hip Hop Dance with us for the fun of it!
  • Hip Hop Cycle – DAY PARTY on two wheels in the Hip Hop Cycling class. Climb and sprint during this fast-paced, upbeat ride. This super fun hip hop class on a bike is guaranteed to get your heart rate soaring. 
  • RamFit – Are you ready for a total body workout?  Join our personal trainers as they combine cardiovascular and strength training exercises to move you through a series of challenges and ramp up your fitness level. Special classes can be provided for groups and organizations.
  • The Retro Cycle Class – Jam to the oldies as you learn and burn. Using classic old school jams, our instructor takes you on a journey that is sure to make you sweat. Come travel down memory lane as you sweat to the oldies.