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Whether you are just starting out or serious about your workout, the UREC staff and facilities are here to support your efforts. University Recreation promotes fitness through motivational one-on-one and group programs.

UREC provides knowledgeable staff to help you get started. We provide complimentary fitness orientations and assessments. Our staff is available to show you how our machines work, explain exercises, and provide you with options. Stop by the Fitness Desk in the weight room for your fitness orientation and/or assessment.

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Fitness orientations introduce you to the various cardio and resistance training options. We'll be happy to show you how to use equipment, talk with you about fitness options, explain our programs and answer your questions.

A fitness assessment is an individualized appraisal of your current fitness status through a variety of physical tests and questionnaires. The assessment establishes a baseline. It is used to develop goals and establish an effective exercise program. The Fitness Assessment begins with a questionnaire and health history. We take you through a series of tests to measure your body composition, cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength and endurance and your flexibility. Based on your questionnaire and test results, your fitness assessment will be used to tailor activities to meet your fitness needs.

Not able to come to UREC? Check out our Pintrest Board for some new workout ideas.