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Organizational Governance


The purpose of the Registered Organization Council shall be:  

  1. To convey organization rights, interests and opinions to the Faculty, Staff and Administration of Winston-Salem State University. 
  2. To increase the democratic access to the Student Government Association and to provide a committee-based forum for discussion of prominent issues.
  3. To reduce redundancy in registered campus organization programming.
  4. To promote the development of students’ skills in leadership, program organization, promotion, communication, initiative and self-reliance.  
  5. To develop a keen campus social environment in the spirit of communal improvement and continuity of a fair administration. 
  6. To increase student organization mission execution by aligning University needs with individual student organization initiatives.
  7. To promote general welfare of the university by improving ideas and standards congruent with the climate of the university.
  8. To promote student and cross organizational participation in all recognized student activities.

Each student organization has a student representative/senator who is responsible for attending ALL ROC meetings. These meetings are held every 3rd Thursday unless noted differently in RAMSync. Please visit the landing page of RAMSync for dates.

Failure to attend the meetings will result in organization suspension. Organizations MUST have representation at EVERY scheduled ROC meeting.



Organization Annual RAMSync Registration HOW TO Workshop

All ACTIVE student organizations will be required to send the president and the secretary of their organization to an annual RAMSync Registration HOW TO workshop. This workshop will cover topics such as funding, available resources and benefits, and policies. Registration for this event will take place on RAMSync. To continue your active status, the members listed above must attend this workshop. Prior to registering for this workshop, please make sure that you have updated your organizations portal in RAMSync with your current officers. Annual Registration will begin August.



Each year University Student Activities and Engagement sponsors a Student Awards Banquet. The banquet is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the outstanding accomplishments of various student organizations on campus. Here are some of the award categories:

Advisor of The Year – Recognizes an advisor who provides outstanding support for the organization in all situations and gives organization members fresh ideas that enhance their learning.

Fraternity/Sorority of The Year  (Fraternity or Sorority only) – Recognizes a fraternity and sorority that has most exemplified a spirit of service to the WSSU community through outstanding programs, scholarship and service projects (2 awards - one for fraternity and one for sorority).

Organization of The Year  (non-fraternal organization) – Recognizes a student organization that has most exemplified a spirit of service to the WSSU community through outstanding programs and service projects.

Outstanding Student Leader – Recognizes a student who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in their respective club, organization, department and division of the university to enhance the quality of student life at Winston-Salem State University.

Outstanding New Organization – Recognizes an organization that has been in existence on the WSSU campus for less than one year, and has made an outstanding contribution in the area of service or programming.

Outstanding Cadet – Recognizes a cadet who most exemplifies the WSSU motto while maintaining a cumulative 3.25 grade point average.

Student Volunteer of the Year – for an outstanding student who has given exemplary volunteer service to a local civic, religious, self-help, or state agency.

Student of the Year – Recognizes an outstanding senior who has demonstrated good moral conduct, scholarship and service to other Winston-Salem State University students.

Student Organization Collaboration of the Year - Recognizes the student organizations that worked together to create a well-supported and effective event(s) at WSSU.

Student Organization Event of the Year- Recognizes student event that enhanced the WSSU community



Each organization is required to complete an end of the year report. This report will highlight the organizations successes, failures, programming highlights and community service reports. The organizations have the opportunity to share organizational news, articles, agendas and rosters as well as budget breakdowns. This report that is submitted is also used for additional points to select the Fraternity/Sorority of the Year as well as Organization of the Year.

This report will be submitted via RAMSync.

Failure to submit will result in a one year suspension of the organization before registered status will be considered.