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Course Evaluations

Institutional Assessment and Research manages the course evaluations through Qualtrics.

All students enrolled in a course within Banner are invited to complete a Course Evaluation for that course through Qualtrics. Students receive an email invitation from Qualtrics and a reminder message every three days unless all evaluations are completed. Students will also receive a reminder message on the last day to complete the evaluations.  Once students complete their evaluations, their responses are stored by Qualtrics. 

Watch the video below to learn about how students access and navigate the new course evaluation.



Due to logistics, dates will vary each semester. In order to accommodate classes with end dates that fall outside the typical 8- or 16-week window, we will have multiple administration periods each semester. When possible, evaluations through Qualtrics will close before exams begin, and reports will not be available to faculty until after grades are due. Faculty and students can consult the IAR Calendar to see administration dates.

Team-Taught Course Evaluations

All instructors in team-taught courses will be evaluated using Qualtrics. Due to logistical and data integrity issues, team-taught evaluations need to be confirmed by department chairs and/or instructors before the administration period begins. 

Department chairs and/or faculty participating in team taught courses will be contacted by Institutional Assessment and Research prior to the administration period to confirm the information that we pull from Banner is correct. In cases where one instructor teaches until one end date and a different instructor teaches until another, we ask that you please indicate those dates (as they are not available in Banner) so that the instructors can be evaluated during the administration phase closest to their teaching period.

Accessing Results

University level results can be viewed in an aggregate report.   

   For Instructors

At the end of each semester, after student grades are due, faculty will be able to access course evaluation reports in a Qualtrics Vocalize Dashboard.  Instructors will receive an email with instructions for accessing reports.  All results are provided in aggregate form to protect students' confidentiality.  If you need assistance, please contact Cheryl Thomas.  

*Use your WSSU credentials to access Qualtrics Vocalize.

   For Department Chairs

Institutional Assessment and Research works to provide department chairs with access to relevant course evaluation reports after results become available to instructors. These reports are available to department chairs through Nuventive Improve (TracDat) and through department-level dashboards in Qualtrics Vocalize.  Please email Cheryl Thomas or Becky Mussat-Whitlow to have your department chair permissions activated in Vocalize.