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Division of Institutional Integrity

The Division of Institutional Integrity at Winston-Salem State University ensures excellence, ethical conduct, and responsible governance by overseeing departments dedicated to protecting the University's core objectives through innovative processes and a focus on ethics, compliance, and safety.
Key Focus Areas
1. Ethical Governance: Upholding high ethical standards in all university operations.
2. Compliance Assurance: Ensuring adherence to laws, policies, and procedures.
3. Risk Management: Proactively identifying, assessing, and managing risks.
4. Innovative Solutions: Promoting creative and responsible approaches.
Enrich the WSSU community by empowering individuals, departments, and organizations to fulfill their missions with integrity, compliance, and confidence in ethical conduct.
Aspires to be a respected and trusted partner known for innovation, expertise, and unwavering support in navigating University compliance, ethics, and risk management.
Department Summaries

Office of Legal Affairs

Ensures legal integrity and ethical conduct by providing comprehensive legal advice, policy reviews, compliance counseling, contract negotiation, and legal representation.

Office of Internal Audit

Contributes to organizational value by conducting risk-based audits, offering objective assurance, providing advice and insight, assessing compliance, and strategically supporting the University's mission.

Office of Title IX

Dedicated to fostering a secure, respectful campus by enforcing policies, providing education and training, conducting impartial investigations, leading prevention efforts, and offering support services for Title IX compliance.

Office of Compliance & Risk

A pivotal force in upholding the institution's commitment to excellence, ethical conduct, and responsible governance. Oversees comprehensive compliance, risk management, ethical conduct promotion, Compliance & Ethics Program Plan creation, targeted training, and collaborative partnerships.

In summary, the Division of Institutional Integrity at WSSU is a multidimensional entity ensuring ethical and compliant operations, risk mitigation, and fostering a culture of integrity across the university. Each office within the division plays a distinct role in upholding these principles and contributing to the overall success and resilience of Winston-Salem State University.