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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that there are many reasons why adults return to college. To help us help you, contact any of our personnel to assist you.

Problems that could prevent registration include, non-continuous enrollment, accounts blocked for non-payment, academic difficulty, incorrect PIN number, clearance from advisor, Browser incompatibility, incorrect exit term (expected completion term), attempting to get into a section not designated for your status, etc . Please use the listing below to resolve any problems.

  • Non-Continuous Enrollment - Registrar: 336-750-3330
  • Account Locked - Technology Support Center: 336-750-3431
  • Incorrect PIN Number - Advisor/Program Coordinator If already accepted, go to Banner Rams On Line to get access
  • Reset PIN Number - Technology Support Center: 336-750-3431
  • Browser Incompatibility - Technology Support Center: 336-750-3431
  • Incorrect Term - New Students: Admissions: 750-2070 or Readmission: Registrar: 336-750-3330
  • Enrollment Status Problem - Advisor/Program Coordinator
  • Financial Aid - Financial Aid Office: 336-750-3296

General Questions About Online Courses

Student Accounts and Financial Aid

Distance Learning