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Employment Verification

To provide a mechanism for a more thorough reference checks of all prospective Winston-Salem State University employees. Two reference checks should be conducted on each person selected for a vacant SHRA or EHRA non-faculty position. The reference checks are to be conducted by the hiring supervisor or search committee chair. Reference checks must be conducted by completing the Winston-Salem State University Employment Verification form. Reference checks can be done by telephone, fax, or email.

When the employment package is presented to the Department of Human Resources by the hiring supervisor, two completed Employment Verification forms for the person selected must be included with the hiring package. Applicants selected for employment must have two completed references unless the supervisor can document unsuccessful efforts to obtain two completed references.

Every effort should be made to obtain two compete reference checks. When conducting a telephone reference, ask all questions on the Employment Verification form and record the response for each question. If the reference does not wish to supply information by telephone, mail the Employment Verification form by registered letter. Attempts to obtain at least two complete references should continue until all reference checks have been exhausted. At a minimum, the following information should be obtained: current/previous employer contacted, dates of employment, current or last position title, date of most recent change in position classification and name of person providing employment information.

The following guidelines should be kept in mind throughout the reference checking process. Only job related questions should be asked. Information received during the reference checking process should be used solely for determining which applicants to hire and should be evaluated objectively and confidentially. Questions about the following topics should not be asked during a reference check: age, child care, criminal record, disability, gender, health status, height and weight, marital status, race/color ethnic background, religion and veteran/military status.

Employment Verification Form