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Temporary Hiring


The first step is to create/update the position description in PeopleAdmin Position Description module. Make sure to change your user type to Hiring Manager.

Route the position to hiring authority. Hiring authority/VC/Dean routes to Budget and/or Contract & Grants. Budget and/or Contract & Grants will then forward to Vacancy Review Committee. Recommended approvals or deferrals are forwards to CFO and Provost for Approval. If approved the position will be forward to the Employment Team to complete the position description approval process.

Once the position description is approved by the Employment Team we will contact you to review the posting/advertisement. The minimum timeframe for posting temporary is 3 business days. You will receive an email once your position has closed on the web.

Initial screening

Once the posting is closed the Department of Human Resources will conduct an initial screening of all applications for essential qualification requirements and other selection criteria. From applicants who meet the minimum qualifications, a pool of the most qualified candidates shall be identified. The pool of the most qualified candidates shall be those individuals determined to be substantially more qualified than other applicants. The most qualified are referred to the hiring manager for consideration.

The Hiring Manager and Search Committee members will screen referred applications to determine individuals who are highly qualified in relation to the specific duties and responsibilities as outlined in the position announcement.

The search committee is responsible for ensuring that applicants receive the necessary consideration for promotional priority (applicable to current state employees), priority re- employment, and affirmative action where applicable. To schedule Search Committee Training contact the EEO Office at

Interview Process

The hiring manager or panel is responsible for scheduling and conducting the interviews. The hiring manager must use a structured interview in the selection process. The same questions should be asked of each applicant interviewed. Each question should be based on one or more of the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities as given. The hiring manager or panel maintains documentation of the interview content.

Interview Questions

Best practice is to make all interview and screening questions job related. Avoid areas of race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, disability, national origin, veteran status, and/or sexual orientation must be avoided. And make sure all persons who may be interacting with each candidate - such as student members of the interview panel, or departmental employees who may provide assistance during the search but are not on the committee - of illegal questions. For candidates, preset questions ensure equal evaluation and fair treatment. Each candidate is given the same opportunity to demonstrate his or her knowledge, skills, and abilities. Upon request, the human resources specialist/employment manager will provide assistance in developing the structured interview questions. Guides are available for questions to avoid in conducting an interview.

The hiring manager will prepare and submit a Hiring Proposal in PeopleAdmin to hire the selected applicant. The hiring proposal should include a start date and salary recommendation. The hiring manager will forward to hiring authority for approval, budget, and EEO will forward to Human Resources.

The hiring manager will indicate the following in PeopleAdmin for the other applicants:

  • Interviewed - Not Hired
  • Not Interviewed - Not Hired

For candidates who were not hired, the hiring manager will indicate the “reason for non-selection” for each candidate in PeopleAdmin.

During the interview process, the hiring manager may provide a “Background Check Form” to each of the interviewed candidates. The form specifies that a criminal background report shall be requested and that a written consent must be obtained from the applicant. After the applicant has signed and returned the “Disclosure and Authorization” form, the appropriate HR official will initiate the criminal background check upon receipt of the hiring proposal.

Once the hiring proposal is received the Talent Acquisition Team will then check for nepotism, equity, priority consideration (veteran, career state, RIF, reemployment), salary administration and background check results.

Talent Acquisition Team makes verbal offer to the candidate and prepares and email/mail the offer letter to the new hire and hiring manager.

HR conducts initial employee set up in Banner, PeopleAdmin, E-verify, Windstar, Health Plan, and NC Flex, degree verified and prior state service.

Recordkeeping Requirements

All work products of the search committee will be maintained by the department for at least three years. At the end of that time, the files may be destroyed. Original applications documents for the pool and successful candidate will be maintained by Human Resources.