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Separation Process

Separation Process is a digital form that promotes accountability in the university's separation procedure. This informs all responsible personnel and work units to process actions in a timely manner. All permanent employees can submit their voluntary* resignation through the Separation process. Temporary employees, adjuncts, and student employees who separate before the end of their contract term are also subject to the Separation Process

As an employee, chair, or supervisor, you will be able to enter the employee’s separation information directly into the online form. Once the request has been entered, a communication is sent detailing each action that has taken place. Consequently, the progression of the action can be traced. A series of automated communications will notify you, HR, the related departments, and offices of the employee’s separation.

*Involuntary separations by the University will be handled by Human Resources. Employees filing for official retirement with the State of North Carolina will need to contact Benefits first. 

Frequently Asked Questions