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Division of Finance and Administration

The Division of Finance and Administration consists of offices of Budget and Analysis, Contracts and Grants, Student Accounts, Business & Auxiliary, Facilities and Financial Services.

The division's operations are guided by policies and procedures developed in accordance with the University of North Carolina General Administration, state of North Carolina, and federal policies and procedures. The division's operations are guided by policies and procedures developed in accordance with the State of North Carolina, federal and the University of North Carolina General Administration policies and procedures. The division provides financial information to WSSU senior leaders, UNC General Administration, external supporters and the Board of Trustees to ensure compliance and informed decision making.

Administrative Structure

Budget and Analysis

The Department of Budget and Analysis provides institutional support by translating the institution's on going operational needs, strategic goals and objectives into an itemized and authorized fiscal plan for university operation. The department gathers records and provides budgetary information to its constituents according to the policy of The University of North Carolina General Administration. In addition, the department conducts on going analysis of university operations to identify areas of weakness and promote the implementation of best management practices ensuring efficiency and effectiveness throughout the university.

Financial Services

University Controller is to provide accountability of university resources and to provide financial information so as to maximize the utilization of those assets. The department consists of two functional areas: Accounting operations that includes Disbursement Services, Student Accounts, Purchasing and Payroll; and Financial Reporting which consists of General Ledger, State Funds Accounting, Capital Improvement Accounting, Trust Funds Accounting, Endowment Accounting, Debt Service Accounting, Fixed Assets Accounting, and fiscal reporting.

Student Account & Cashiering 

Responsible for billing student tuition and fees, processing payments for tuition and fees, processing adjustments on accounts and issuing disbursements.


Office of Payroll Services works to provide timely and accurate payments to all the employees of Winston-Salem State University. Payroll Services strives to provide quality services in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the state of North Carolina and Federal government agencies and to be in compliance with all Federal and State regulations, thus leaving a clear audit trail of all transactions.


Purchasing consists of fixed assets tracking and disposing of state property, purchasing card (Pcard) to purchase goods and services. Please review the procedures and policies for purchasing.

Disbursement Services

The primary purpose of the Disbursement Services unit is to pay vendor invoices, employee reimbursements and travel expenditures efficiently and accurately. 

Contracts and Grants

The Contracts and Grants Department is a vital component to Winston-Salem State University's research endeavors. It provides much of the learning and research environment for our faculty and students. All contracts and grants must be carried out within the budgetary restraints and other guidelines deemed by the funding agency and agreed by the University.

Contracts and Grants Handbook