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Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

Administrative Structure

  • Director

Administrator of federal, state, and institutional financial aid; ensures proper regulatory and statutory compliance with respect to awarding

  • Associate Director of Compliance & Accounting

Oversees all Title IV and campus-based aid, reconciliation procedures and processes; responsible for ensuring that internal policies and procedures and Department of Education regulations are followed

  • Assistant Director of Operations

Organizes files from the Department of Education and oversees auditing; Financial Aid information technology, processing of Financial Aid records, and overseeing verification processes as part of Federal audit; provides and verifies data to Institutional Assessment & Research

  • Associate Director

Internal and external outreach; assists with developing and implementing communications including special populations, i.e. Health Science, athletics, band, etc. and external populations including schools

Organization Chart

Important Policies

Includes terms and conditions between the student, federal government, and WSSU. Also provides a link to the  Student’s Rights and Responsibilities and the is a brief version of the Terms and Conditions 

All students who wish to qualify for financial aid while enrolled at WSSU will be assessed on three standards: qualitative (grade point average), quantitative (pace) and timeframe. These standards are applied uniformly to all WSSU financial aid applicants.

Important Links

Contains links to Net Price Calculator, Satisfactory Academic Progress Calculator, and the Student Consumer Information Guide.

This resource is a one-stop shop consumer resource center for information relevant to Financial Aid.