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Office of Admissions

The Office of Admissions is dedicated to informing prospective students of the educational opportunities available at WSSU. Committed to the university’s value for excellence, this office provides a blanket of information to all those in pursuit of higher education. Through multiple recruitment strategies, the Office of Admissions enhances the university’s ability to recruit undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who seek diverse educational opportunities.

Administrative Structure

  • Director

Oversees processes, regulatory compliance, decision audits, and enrollment goals.

  • Associate Director for Undergraduate Students

Manages all of the admissions counselors. Counselors are responsible for recruiting, admissions decisions, and communications.

Counselor for athletes and transfer students

Counselor for readmit and freshman students

  • Associate Director for Graduate Students

Processing and recruiting for graduate admissions. Chairs or program coordinators who oversee graduate programs will receive guidance throughout the application process.

Graduate Application

  • Associate Director for Operations & Technology

Oversees the admissions processing team and manages Admissions Pro, a customer relationship manager that (CRM) handles communications and applications. Admissions Pro automates communication and admissions decisions.

The associate for operation is the person to contact if a student’s submitted transcripts are not showing in their portal.

Important Enrollment Information

  • Readmit Students

Students who withdraw from the university must follow the readmit process. These students should be referred to the admissions office in case they have outstanding balances or a suspension hold that has not expired. These instances will stop the application from being processed. Students who have not attended another college/university since leaving WSSU are not required to pay and application fee. Student who have attended another college/university since leaving WSSU must submit a $50 application fee, along with official transcripts from the other institution(s).

Readmit students must create their RAMAdmissions portal account to submit an application.

  • Validation/ Confirmation of Schedule

Students must determine how they will pay their balance with Student Accounts to avoid their schedules being purged on the established census dates. In some instances, financial aid does not completely cover the balance, which may require students to set up a payment plan and pay the first installment to confirm registration. Students should contact Student Accounts to discuss available options.

  • Insurance

Students enrolled in six or more credit hours per semester are required to have health insurance, unless they are a distance learner. Students with private insurance plans may waive the university’s insurance plan by completing the health insurance waiver form. There is a deadline for waiving insurance. If the deadline is missed, the fee will have to be paid. A lack of insurance will result in the student’s schedule being purged. 

  • How to Check Application Status

Students can log into their RAMAdmissions portal to check their application status.

  • Campus Tours

Campus Tours are scheduled by visiting Schedule a Campus Tour or through Angela Peterson-Beatty at 336-750-2949 or

  • Rams on the Road

“Rams on the Road” is a recruiting initiative by the Department of Admissions that targets North Carolina community colleges. A team of academic department representatives and staff members from University College and Lifelong Learning (UCaLL), the Registrar’s Office, Admissions, and Financial Aid are on location to meet with interested students, provide relevant information, transcript audits, and university applications. Contact the Director of Admissions to communicate interest in participating.

  • Rescinding Admission

The Office of Admissions has a right to rescind admissions for failing to maintain minimum admission requirements or for failing to provide complete, accurate, and truthful information on the admissions application."

Recommended Links

This page is for all admitted undergraduate students. It contains links for housing, financial aid, student life, etc. This page is the primary landing site containing the information critical to student success. 

This page has links detailing the application process for each type of student (undergraduate, graduate, transfer, readmit), as well as application deadlines.