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Commitment 4 | Institutional Excellence

As a state-supported institution, North Carolinians expect WSSU to manage its resources responsibly and
prudently. Taxpayers, students, parents, and other constituents hold university personnel accountable for
leveraging its resources efficiently as we respond to the needs of learners and employees. Achievement of
institutional excellence requires the ability to manage fiscal responsibilities prudently while leveraging internal
resources efficiently. Operations should be continually monitored to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

WSSU will leverage fiscal, human, technological, and capital resources to create transformational, experiential
learning environments. WSSU will diversify revenue streams to provide financial resources that drive down
the cost of degree attainment and will manage student debt load. To become a culturally engaged campus
environment, WSSU will analyze its business operations and will document processes that ensure consistency
in the employee onboarding, training, and professional development. To achieve WSSU’s long-term outcomes,
employees will develop long-term plans, including long-range budgetary plans, technological infrastructure
upgrade plans, and facilities management plans.



Strategies  〉

  • Build a climate of continuous improvement that informs decision making, service, and execution.
  • Bolster human resource systems and processes to enhance efficiency.
  • Cultivate processes that improve physical and technological infrastructure.
  • Communicate the university’s points of distinction more effectively.
  • Coordinate planning, processes, and resource management to improve sustainability.