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Commitment 3 | Intellectual Climate

To unleash genius, the climate must foster and encourage engagement, experimentation, elaboration, and
evaluation. An intellectually stimulating climate promotes critical thinking and problem solving, which sparks
innovation and entrepreneurship. WSSU’s faculty spur discovery and innovation. They inspire new thinking,
creative solutions, and creative expression across disciplines that solve persistent societal challenges.

WSSU will expand its footprint and engagement into the Piedmont Triad region by investing in its faculty
and employing new faculty who contribute to the intellectual climate. WSSU will benefit from its physical
geographic location by leveraging the surrounding communities and cities as part of its intellectual context.
Increased urbanization presents rich opportunities to create inclusive, accessible, and equitable cities
that support health, education, and prosperity. With more people seeking to live in urban areas and more
businesses seeking to expand into these regions, WSSU will bolster campus activity.



Strategies  〉

  • Align interdisciplinary programs.
  • Increase interdisciplinary research.
  • Enhance faculty instructional practices.
  • Engage curricular and co-curricular enhancements for post-graduate experiences.
  • Increase intellectual exchange across disciplines and external partnerships.