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Officially Withdraw from Winston-Salem State University 

If you plan to leave Winston-Salem State University or transfer to another institution, it is critical that you officially withdraw from WSSU.  

Steps to Withdraw from Winston-Salem State University 

  • Speak to Your Academic Success Counselor (ASC) or Advisor 
Please use this directory to find your Academic Success Counselor. Make sure to talk to your ASC or Faculty Advisor before withdrawing from WSSU.  Your ASC can help you complete you Official University Withdrawal form. 
University College and Lifelong Learning (UCALL)
Student Success Center | Hill Hall  

  • Withdraw from Your Classes 
Contact the Office of the Registrar with a written request to withdraw from your classes. Your request must be in writing. Verbal withdrawal requests cannot be processed.  Please copy your Academic Success Counselor or Advisor on this email.
Office of the Registrar
202 Thompson Center
336-750-3331 (p)
336-750-3332 (f)

  • Notify the Office of Financial Aid 

    Notify the Office of Financial Aid about your decision not to come to and/or return to WSSU. 

    Office of Financial Aid 
    201 Thompson Center 
    336-750-3296 (p) 
    336-750-3297 (f)
  • Cancel Your Student Housing 

    Cancel your student housing by contacting WSSU Housing and Residence Life. 

    Housing and Residence Life 
    301 Thompson Center 
  • Cancel Your Meal Plan 

    Cancel your meal plan by filling out the Meal Plan Change/Cancellation Form and submitting it to Auxiliary Services 

    109 Eller Hall 
    336-750-2770 (p) 
    336-750-2033 (f)                

Consequences for Failing to Withdraw 

It is critical for you to officially withdraw from WSSU if you will no longer be attending or if you choose to attend another institution.  

Transferring to Another School: If you transfer to another institution your aid will be maintained at Winston-Salem State University.  The funds cannot be released because you are still enrolled at WSSU. 

Debt to WSSU:  If a withdrawal request is submitted and you receive a refund from financial aid, there is a possibility that you will owe a debt to WSSU because you will have received funds that you are not entitled to. 

Failing Grades: If an official withdrawal request is not submitted and you receive failing grades, Federal Title IV Regulations requires for fifty (50%) of the aid to be cancelled (returned). This may leave you with an outstanding obligation to the University and all F’s on your transcripts. 

If you owe a debt owed to Winston-Salem State University the following services will be not be provided: 

  • Release of transcripts 
  • Ability to readmit 
  • Ability to register for classes 

If I Withdraw from School, Will I Receive Financial Credit? 

  • Financial credit is issued on a prorated basis for withdrawal up to the eighth week of classes. 
  • Withdrawal impacts your financial aid. 
  • To retain the financial aid, you must complete at least 60% of the semester, otherwise funds will be returned and you may owe the university.