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  • Federal Title IV funds include Pell Grant, SEOG, Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans and Parent Plus Loans. 
  • Federal guidelines allow for Federal Title IV funds (Pell Grant, SEOG, Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans and Parent Plus Loans) to automatically be credited only toward current tuition and fees plus on-campus housing and meal plan charges.  
  • The guidelines additionally allow students to authorize charges such as traffic and library fines to be deducted from these funds, as well as prior term charges up to $200.  
  • Students may also authorize Winston-Salem State University to retain excess Title IV funds in their student accounts, in which case such funds will be applied toward future charges. 

Title IV Form

  • Winston-Salem State University is required to have signed authorization from you in order to use Title IV funds for miscellaneous charges.
  • By signing this form, your account charges will be deducted at the time your financial aid is placed on your account. Importantly, this will help to prevent an “account hold” for unpaid charges, which would block you from registering for future semesters, obtaining grades and transcripts.
  • This Title IV Authorization Form will be valid for the entire period in which you are enrolled; however, this authorization may be rescinded at any time.

Vouchers Request

Vouchers can be used to purchase books from the WSSU Bookstore and/or parking permits from the WSSU Parking and Transportation Office.

To qualify for vouchers students must satisfy the following conditions. To determine if you qualify follow the steps below:

From BANNER Rams Online, select the Student tab, select Online Book Voucher Request or Online Parking Voucher.

  1. Have an available credit from financial aid posted to the student account either as a credit balance or a pending credit from Authorized Aid. The maximum amount for book voucher requests is $650. Amounts exceeding $650 have to be approved by The Office of Financial Aid.
  2. Have a  Title IV Authorization Form  on file with Student Accounts and updated in BANNER.
    1. Title IV Authorization Form  are available online or at the Students Accounts Office 200 Thompson Center.
    2. Completed paper forms can be faxed to 336-750-2811.
    3. Once the forms have been received and the information updated on your student account, the request for book vouchers can be resubmitted. The authorization is valid until graduation or rescinded by sending a written request to the Student Account Office.
    4. Select the Student Tab and then select either Online Book Voucher Request or Parking Voucher and follow the online steps.
    5. Once the request has been completed, Log Off  the screen. Failure to log off may result in duplicate charges on the student account.
    6. The student account will be charged for the voucher. The Ram Card Office will download the information from the student account. The requested amount will update on the Ram One Account. 

The Ram Card Office updates hourly. Expect at least an hour’s delay before your Ram Card will be activated for the purchases.
    1. Book Vouchers can only be used at WSSU Bookstore and Parking Vouchers with Police and Public Safety.
    2. Once the transfer has occurred, Student Accounts will not have access to the funds and all questions will be directed to the RAMCard Office, 203 Thompson Center.
  1. Distance Learners please note: Activation of a book voucher causes you to incur a $10 RAMCard technology fee. Contact Student Accounts via to activate your account.