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Student Blue Health Insurance 

WSSU has selected Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina to offer Student Blue.  Student Blue gives you access to a large provider network, including coverage for most services at the student health center. 
All students, undergraduate (6 credit hours or more) and graduate (3 credit hours or more) are automatically billed for health insurance as part of tuition and fees.  

If you have private health insurance through another carrier, then you must provide our insurance company with proof of your coverage.  Then, the health insurance fee will be waived/credited.

If you do not have insurance coverage you must enroll in the insurance plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

Health Insurance Waiver Policy

The student insurance online waiver process is as follows:

  1. Students must be officially registered for classes before applying for a waiver.  The Student Blue system will not let you proceed with their waiver application unless you are registered for courses.  
  2. Students must waive the insurance on the Student Blue website before the deadline. 
  3. Students will be given an online confirmation. Once they complete the steps online, students should keep a copy for their records. 
    1. Click on "ENROLLMENT and WAIVER" to decline or enroll. 
    2. Click on "Proceed to mandatory enroll/waive" 
    3. Follow the prompts and complete the entire process. 
  4. Once the insurance company verifies insurance coverage for a student, they will send the student a notification by email. Students should keep a copy for their records. 
  5. Once student bills become available, the Office of Student Accounts will pull waiver report from Student Blue and start applying approved waivers on a weekly basis until waiver period ends. 
  6. WSSU (Student Accounts & Cashiering) will review and confirm credit information and place credits on student accounts.